We make gardening easy and fun for everyone. 

Take the stress out of gardening and

focus on the growing with Plant Package. 

We get it. Gardening can be overwhelming and time consuming for people with busy schedules. How do you know what to buy? What grows well in your area? How do you keep it thriving?

Our solution is an instant-impact container garden sent directly to your doorstep every month. We do the shopping. We send you everything you need – pot, four fully-grown plants, the right amount of soil, nutrients, and if you want – a cool accessory. You just assemble and look like a pro. We even send you easy-to-follow assembly instructions and a guide for long-term care of your new plants. 

Garden with confidence.

Our plants are raised by experts 

At Plant Package, our plants are grown by third generation growers at Pleasant View Gardens in New Hampshire. For more than four decades, Pleasant View Gardens has been providing retail garden centers across America with the most innovative plant material possible. What started as a small three-greenhouse business has grown into one of New England’s largest wholesale greenhouse businesses.

Through Plant Package, we're sending our plants directly to your homes for the first time. We're curating a unique selection of flowers, foliage, herbs, fruit, and ornamental plants that are durable, easy to care for, and family-friendly. 


When plants arrive at your doorstep, they will be fully grown at 4" - all you have to do is assemble in your container and watch them thrive. 

Our Mission

What's in a Plant Package? 

Each month, we select a theme and curate a variety of plants that are sure to impress. 

PLANTS:  Four fully grown plants (a seasonal selection of flowers, foliage, herbs, and/or fruits) 

PLANT FOOD: You need more than just water and so do your plants. 

SOIL: Ours is compressed into eco-friendly coconut coir. Just add water!

CONTAINER: Ever changing, fitting for the monthly theme, made of durable plastic or metal.  

INSTRUCTIONS & TIPS: We won't leave you hanging - each box comes with assembly instructions and tips to care for your plants. 

ADD-ON: Live on the edge by adding an accessory to your box. We'll send you something to help you garden like a pro - gloves, a trowel, shears, etc. We promise you'll be surprised!

We're here to help 

As gardeners, we're committed to helping you raise your plants. No question is too big or too small - email us, drop us a message on Facebook, or chat with us here on our website. We're happy to help you become the best plant parent you can be! 

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