Wear and Tear from shipping is normal

Plants are tough, but shipping them can sometimes get messy! 

What you could see when you unwrap your plants: 

  • Plants with dropped flowers or buds

  • Damaged eco-pots

  • Wilting, drooping leaves

  • Small breaks to outer stems (not the main stem)

What you shouldn't see: 

  • Brown, limp plants.

  • The full plant detached from the pot.
    (if your plants look like this, email us within 48 hours at accounts@plantpackage.com) 

Tips for Wear and Tear


If your plant looks wilted, match your soil to a condition below: 

  1. your soil is super wet: let the soil dry out more in between watering sessions.

  2. your soil is super dry: WATER!

  3. your soil feels good but the plant still looks wilted: move the plant to an area that gets part shade during the hottest and brightest part of the day.


Breaks to outer stems and/or the top of the main stem can actually help your plant grow fuller - at each break, the plant will grow in two different directions.

If there is breakage to the bottom of the main stem, contact us. 

Eco-Pot Damage

If the soil spilled or the eco-pot split during shipping, transplant the plant as normal. Try not to break the exposed roots. Use some of your soil mix to replace the missing soil within the eco-pot, if necessary.

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