Everything You Need to Know about your Plant Package Strawberry and Basil Plants

The Amazelberry (May 2019) Plant Package is our first fully-edible arrangement and features two strawberry plants and two basil plants. Strawberry and basil pair well together in iced teas, ice cream, cocktails, and salads, and are great apart too!

Below, we'll answer some questions you might have about caring for your arrangement.

How much sun and water should I give my strawberries and basil? Your strawberry and basil plants want as much sun as possible. Both plants thrive in full sun. This is one arrangement we recommend growing outside (50 degrees and above), but if you can't, put it in the sunniest window in your house. If it's outside, water every day. Inside, scale back watering to every 2-3 days.

How big will this arrangement get? The Proven Winners(R) Amazel Basil can grow to three feet tall - but it can always be trimmed back! Both plants will work together nicely in the container and will fill it out. The strawberries should max out around a foot tall.

Do I have to deadhead or trim? For the basil, we recommend harvesting or pinching regularly to promote fresh tender growth. To pinch, find a junction (or node) and pinch cleanly right above it. This will encourage the regrowth to branch out. Your strawberry plants don't require much maintenance - you should remove the runners, but stay tuned - we'll have another update coming out shortly about how to grow additional strawberry plants from the runners!

Before becoming a fruit, a strawberry starts out as a flower.

Is my strawberry plant supposed to have flowers on it? Yes! It flowers before it fruits.

Can I transfer it to the ground when it gets nice out? We recommend keeping both plants in containers. Strawberries can spread if planted in the ground, and basil will not survive if the ground soil gets cold.

Is this arrangement pet-friendly? Yes! Strawberries and basil are not poisonous to cats or dogs. Strawberries are actually recommended as a safe treat for pets.

What's an "perennial?" Great question. A perennial is a plant that comes back year after year. Your strawberry plant could live for four-five years -it may need to be re-potted down the road!

Did we miss anything? Ask us additional questions in the comments below and our growers will be happy to answer!

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