Everything You Need to Know about your Summer Campfire Plant Package

The Summer Campfire (July 2019) Plant Package has all of the color of a summer campfire without the heat, making it a perfect arrangement for summer. The colors in Summer Campfire are bright and bold!

Below, we'll answer some questions you might have about caring for your arrangement.

How much sun should I give my container? The flowers prefer part sun to sun, which means you'll want to find a spot that gets 3-6 hours of direct sunlight per day.

How often should I water my plants? These plants are drought-tolerant, but if you're keeping them outside this summer, they will want to be watered every day. Typically, early morning and early evening are the best times to water. You can tell if your plants need water by sticking your finger into the top inch of soil. If it is dry, it's time to water. A good watering consists of watering until water runs out of the holes on the bottom of the container. This will allow even the deepest of roots to get the necessary water.

My plants aren't getting any bigger. What can I do? This is going to sound a bit strange, but if you cut all the flowers off your plant, it will focus its energy into growing bigger. It's a delayed reward - in a few weeks, it will be back, bigger, with bright blooms!

How big will this arrangement get? Your plants should round out nicely on top of the container, but wont grow over a foot tall.

Do I have to deadhead or trim? All three of the flower plants are considered "self-flushers," meaning they will shed their dead blooms on their own. Deadheading is not necessary!

Can I transfer it to the ground? We recommend keeping the flowers in containers. The flowering plants do not like wet feet and are harder to maintain in the ground.

Is this arrangement pet-friendly? While none of these plants are toxic to pets, we don't recommend letting your pets snack on them. You never know what could upset their stomachs, and oftentimes microscopic bugs live in the plants.

What's an "annual?" Great question. An annual is a plant that completes its life-cycle in one year. Basically, once the temperatures turn cool in the fall, these flowers won't make it.

Extra bonus in this month - the ColorBlaze® Sedona Sunset™ can live as a houseplant! If you're so inclined, transplant it to a new pot in the fall and bring it inside for an extra pop of color this winter.

Did we miss anything? Ask us additional questions in the comments below and our growers will be happy to answer!

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