All About Lemon Coral

By now you've probably learned that our Lucky Pot of Gold Plant Package (March 2019) features the Proven Winners (R) Annual of the Year, Lemon Coral! This worry-free succulent is a fan favorite in the gardening world because of it's spiky-yet-soft texture and its ability to play nice with other plants - this is why you can plant it together with your four-leaf clovers! It's also a GREAT container plant.

Below we'll tackle some of the questions you might have about your Proven Winners (R) Lemon Coral.

Proven Winners(R) Lemon Coral, the 2019 Annual of the Year, featured in the Lucky Pot of Gold Plant Package, March 2019

How much sun and water should I give my Lemon Coral? Lemon Coral does best in sun and part shade. You'll want to keep your Lucky Pot of Gold arrangement in a window with lots of sun. As for watering, Lemon Coral is very forgiving. You should water it every 2-3 days indoors, but if you forget, it will bounce back pretty easily.

How big will the Lemon Coral get? If it's happy, your Lemon Coral could grow as big as 10 inches tall! Eventually, it will spill over the edges of your cauldron container to present as a rounded, beautiful arrangement.

Will my Lemon Coral grow flowers?

Lemon Coral is not a flowering plant. We think it's pretty without flowers!

Can I transfer it to the ground when it gets nice out? Yes! Lemon Coral is a great ground cover. It will respect the space of other plants. Remember - it will only grow to about 10 inches tall, so it can't be counted on to provide height.

Is Lemon Coral safe for my pets? Yes, Lemon Coral is not poisonous to dogs or cats.

What's an "annual?" Great question. Simply put - Annual plants are plants with a life cycle that lasts only one year. They grow from seed, bloom, produce seeds, and die in one growing season. Sad, we know. But if you like your Lemon Coral, let us know - we'll happily include it a box next year so you're restocked!

Did we miss anything? Ask us additional questions in the comments below!

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