All About Plant Package Mint

Did you know that there are over 600 varieties of mint? These range from ones you've likely heard of, such as peppermint and spearmint, to more unique varieties - applemint, grapefruit, basil, pennyroyal - there's even a licorice mint!

Our Flowers and Candy Plant Package, which debuted in February 2019, included two different kinds of mint - Zesty Orange and Chocolate Ganache, from the Savor(TM) Edibles and Fragrants collection at Pleasant View Gardens. These two variations of mint reward you with a strong floral smell and are great for adding a boost of flavor to salads, teas, and cocktails.

Below, we'll tackle some of the questions you might have about your Plant Package mint. If you have a question that we didn't address, leave it in the comments below.

Zesty Orange and Chocolate Ganache mint plants from the Flowers and Candy Plant Package.

How much water and sunlight does my mint need? The most important question of them all! Your mint wants a moist soil at all times. In the winter months, this could mean watering every 2-3 days. In the summer, you'll want to check the soil and water more frequently. Mint thrives in sun, and prefers east-facing windows. You'll know if your mint plants are healthy - they'll grow towards the sky very quickly! Mint also responds well to frequent grooming.

What's the best way to cut my mint for use? Adding mint to your salad or tea? The best way to trim your mint plants are to cut one centimeter above a stem junction and below any flower buds. Don't cut more than one-third of the leaves at one time - not only is it bad for the plant, but you also won't have any mint for later!

How big will my mint plants get? You've probably already noticed a big increase in the growth of your mint plants. We provided a container large enough for them to grow to their hearts content. Your plants could get as wide as 18 inches and as tall as 24.

Should I transfer my mint outdoors? For inexperienced gardeners, we recommend keeping your mint in its container. When planted in the ground, mint plants have the tendency to takeover, and can sometimes become invasive. When the weather gets nice you can certainly move your container outdoors - just remember to keep the soil moist!

My mint is getting tall and lanky but there aren't a lot of leaves. What's wrong? Try giving it more sunlight. Your mint is reaching towards the sun to get all the light it can.

My mint is getting too big. What should I do?

Trim it back! As long as you're leaving two-thirds of your leaves at any time, your mint plant won't mind being trimmed back. Feel like sharing with friends? You can cut off stems of your plant to start seedlings for additional plants! To do that, cut off a stem at a juncture, and put the stem in a cup of fresh water. Place in the sun and wait until roots are growing. Add water as necessary to the glass. Once you have roots, you can transfer the new seedling to its own pot.

Do you recommend any recipes to include our mint? Of course! We're happy to share some recipes. Check out this Cranberry Orange Mint Spritzer recipe, as well as the Mint Chocolate Cake recipe. Feel free to post your favorite mint recipes below, as well.

Did you have any fun facts about mint I can use to show off to my friends with?

We're plant people - of course we do! Check these out:

  • Mint is a deer-resistant plant

  • Mint is a symbol for virtue

  • Mint can help relieve and anxiety

Hopefully, this guide to your Plant Package mint plants has answered your questions. If there is something we didn't cover, leave us a question in the comments below. Now go get growing, plant parents!

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