Everything You Need to Know about Sunsatia

The Easter Egg Hunt Plant Package (April 2019) gets a majority of its color from the Proven Winners® Sunsatia® plants, which are in three colors - coconut, lemon, and blood orange!

Sunsatia holds its own in both cool and hot temperatures, and is outstanding in hanging baskets, combos (like your Plant Package!), and window boxes. Below, we'll visit some questions you might have about your Sunsatia.

Proven Winners® Sunsatia® in blood orange

What is a Sunsatia? Sunsatia is a german annual flower. It's known for being a continuous bloomer and will keep its flowers from spring through fall.

How much sun and water should I give my Sunsatia? Sunsatia does best in sun and part sun. You'll want to keep your Easter Egg Hunt arrangement in a window with lots of sun! Sunsatia does not like to have a wet root - therefore, we recommend watering every 3-4 days if you're keeping your Sunsatia indoors. If you move it outside (remember, only if the temperature is staying above 50 degrees), you should water every 1-2 days.

How big will this arrangement get? Your Sunsatia and Gomphrena should grow to fill out the container, but will remain relatively short.

Do I have to deadhead or trim? You don't! Sunsatia is known for not requiring deadheading. Plants may be trimmed back with a sharp pair of scissors or pruning shears at anytime, although this is not usually necessary. Plants may flush out of flower if night temperatures begin to stay in the upper 70's or above. If this happens, a light trim to shape them would be good. The trim will increase branching and will result in more flowers once the temperatures fall and the plants begin flowering again.

Can I transfer it to the ground when it gets nice out? Sunsatia grows best in a container, simply because the roots don't like to be wet. If you do plan on transferring it, we recommend a raised bed.

Is Sunsatia safe for my pets? Yes, Sunsatia is not poisonous to dogs or cats.

What's an "annual?" Great question. Simply put - Annual plants are plants with a life cycle that lasts only one year. They grow from seed, bloom, produce seeds, and die in one growing season. Sad, we know. But if you like your Sunsatia, let us know - we'll happily include it a box next year so you're restocked!

Did we miss anything? Ask us additional questions in the comments below!

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