Fighting Frost in Container Gardens

Frost season is quickly approaching, so we assembled a list of easy tips to help your plants thrive, even as the weather turns colder!

Before we get into the tips, we want to talk about frost-tolerant plants. Oftentimes, plants will be described a frost-tolerant. This means that they're more likely to survive a frost, but it's important to note that every time a plant is put under extreme duress, damage is occurring. Therefore, we recommend trying the tips below on all your plants, even the frost-tolerant ones!

Tip #1 – Keep your soil moist

You might think that watering plants makes them colder and would cause extra freezing, but plants’ roots actually put off heat when they’re well-watered. Avoid drenching your plants but do water regularly so the soil is consistently moist. Plus, a well-hydrated plant will be stronger and healthier overall, giving it more strength to fight off frost.

Tip #2 – Bring your containers inside at night

The best way to fight the frost is to avoid subjecting your plants to it altogether. Plant Package containers are small enough to be brought inside at night. “I bring my outdoor containers into my garage at night,” said Plant Package founder Jon Huntington. “I make it part of my routine to bring them in at night and out in the morning.”

Tip #3 – Cover

If indoor space is an issue, cover your plants with a sheet, towel, or even another plastic pot. Since the plants put off their own heat, this will help contain it – much like a hat does for your head in the winter. Remember to remove the covers in the morning, otherwise, your plant could dry out or die even quicker under the strength of fall sun.

Tip #4 – Invest in a Cold Frame

A cold frame is essentially a winter house for your plants. With a transparent lid, your plants will bask in all the benefits of sun, while receiving protection from the wind and cold. You could even DIY your own cold frame – there are plenty of tutorials online, like this one from!

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