Five Reasons to Gift a Plant Package Subscription this Holiday Season

The holidays are a great time to share the gift of gardening with your loved ones. Plant Package is a perfect option for beginner gardeners and seasoned gardeners alike - with a wide variety of plants and helpful instructions, a Plant Package gift subscription is a gift that keeps on giving!

Five Reasons to Gift a Plant Package Subscription this holiday season:

Gardening is an experience

Each time your loved one receives their Plant Package, they'll get the joy of disconnecting and spending a few minutes with nature. Plant Package is a kit, and assembly takes 15-20 minutes. Are you tired of aimlessly walking the aisles of stores looking for something you hope your loved one will use? Try gifting them a gardening experience instead!

Seasonal Plants Each month, Plant Package selects a theme and curates a selection of plants that fit the season. In winter months, Plant Package selects plants that thrive indoors, like herbs, house plants, or low-light plants. In the summer months, plant options are better suited for outdoors (or very sunny windows) - flowers, foliage, and fruit plants!

It's a gift that grows

In each box, Plant Package ships your recipient four fully-grown seasonal plants, just the right amount of soil and plant nutrients, a container, and instructions for assembly and care. Once assembled, your loved one gets to sit back and watch their new container garden grow and thrive.

Flexible delivery options

Plant Package gift subscriptions can be customized! First, select the number of boxes you want to gift. Then, choose how frequently those arrive - either monthly, every-other month, or seasonally (once every three months). Additionally, gift subscriptions will not renew, so can gift once and not worry about it again.

Really good gardening help

Are you worried that your recipient won't be able to care for their plants? The Plant Package growers are always available to answer questions about plants, making it a great resource for beginner gardeners and seasoned gardeners alike. There are a number of ways to contact the growers - Facebook Messenger, email, or through the chat feature at

For a limited time, Plant Package is offering 25% off gift subscriptions with code BLACKFRIDAY.

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