All About Your Plant Package Four-Leaf Clover

Did you know that your odds of finding a four-leaf clover in the wild are one in ten-thousand? We've really increased your luck by including GreenFuse's Trifolium 4Luck Green Clover in the Lucky Pot of Gold Plant Package.

Below, we answer some questions you might have about your four-leaf clover.

How much sun and water do my clover plants need?

Your clover wants as much sun as it can get. You'll want to put your completed arrangement in the sunniest spot in your house. The more light your plant gets, the better chance you have for a thick plant - less sun causes the leaves to grow and stretch far away from its stem. As for watering, you'll want to water it every 2-3 days inside and perhaps more frequently if it is outside.

Does my clover like warm weather? Your new clover plant is super tolerant. It can grow well in temperatures as low as 50 deegrees Fahrenheit and up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. If your nights are a bit cooler than your days, this will intensify the colors of the leaves.

How big with my clover get? Each one of your clover plants should reach four inches tall and about 5-7inches wide. Paired with your Lemon Coral, the arrangement should grow to round out the top of the pot and may even spill over the sides.

Is clover pet safe? Yes! Clover, as a natural ground cover, is not harmful to pets.

My clover is very "stringy." What's wrong?

Try more sunlight. It's stretching out so each leaf can get as much sun as possible. South-facing windows are best!

Can I replant my clover outside when it gets warm? Depends on your objective. Clover is a rapid spreader. If you want a yard or garden full of clover, go right ahead! If you're worried about spreading, perhaps keep it its container or transfer it to its own pot.

Will my clover flower? It will, but you don't want it to. If see you see flowers or buds beginning, you should remove them. When a plant produces a flower, it moves all the energy allocation to the flower instead of the plant. By cutting off the unattractive flower, it will push more energy into making your clover leaves big and green!

Do you have additional questions? Ask us in the comments below!

GreenFuse Trifolium 4Luck Green Clover

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