Gerbera Daisies: The Magic of Water!

Feeling like you have a black thumb? Do your plants look wilted and sad?

Plant Package | Wilted Gerbera Daisy

This picture of a wilted daisy comes from one of the members of the Plant Package team - see, even we forget to water sometimes! Don't worry! Plants are surprisingly resilient. We added some water to this parched Gerbera from February's Plant Package and mere hours later - what a change! Healthy, upright flowers, vibrant green leaves, and no wilting!

Plant Package | Healthy, Watered Gerbera Daisy

No parlor tricks or Photoshop involved! This Gerbera was back to normal in a matter of hours. Even if you think you've lost your plant, just try giving it some water, sunlight, and a little bit of time and as long as it hasn't been parched for days, it should bounce right back. If it doesn't come back, don't worry - you have more plants coming next month so no one will ever know!

Our daisy even has some fresh buds coming in. Remember, to encourage your Gerbera to put all its energy into new buds, remove old and dying flowers by cutting them with sharp scissors close to the base. You'll have new daisies in no time!

Plant Package | New buds on a Gerbera daisy.

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