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Everywhere we look, we're seeing holiday lights, peppermint mocha lattes, and snow (gasp!). This can only mean one thing - winter is on its way! Officially, the first day of winter isn't until December 21st, but it certainly feels like it has come early this year. Since the days are shorter, our December plant selections are quite fitting - houseplants! The houseplants featured in the Home for the Holidays Plant Package require indirect sunlight, so they won't take up space on a crowded windowsill and will do just fine on a table in your brightest room. This month's premium pot even offers you the opportunity to hang these plants on your wall!


Each Plant Package comes with four plants, in addition to soil, fertilizer and instructions for assembly and care. Meet the December plants below.

The Plants

Pilea Peperomioides

The details: Affectionately known as the Chinese money plant, Pileas are known for their bright-green pancake-shaped leaves. Pilea is originally from the southwestern Yunnan province of China and is believed to have traveled to Scandanavia thanks to Norwegian missionare Agnar Espegren, who brought cuttings home with him in the 1940s. Pilea like bright, indirect sunlight and prefer to mostly dry out in between watering.

Senecio "String of Dolphins"

The details: String of Dolphins is a rare succulent variety that is a hybrid cross of String of Pearls and Candle Plant. With an official name of Senecio peregrinus, this plant is instead called the easier "String of Dolphins" because of its leaves, which resemble a pod of leaping dolphins. When watering, drench thoroughly, and then allow the soil to completely dry before watering again. Additionally, keep in a bright room and keep out of reach of pets - consumption can cause temporary digestive distress in your furry friends!

The Extras

Each Plant Package comes with a stack of coconut coir discs and a bag of perlite to make soil, plus packets of slow-release ClassiCote fertilizer. Instructions for assembly and care are included in every box.

This month's Plant Package comes with two planter options - composite wood wall hangers (pictured) featured in premium subscriptions, or green plastic containers featured in the standard pots subscription.

Ready to build your own Plant Package subscription? One-time purchases of Home for the Holidays are also available.

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