Plant Package Boxes Now Feature Mess-Free Tray

One of the most common reactions we hear from new Plant Package subscribers is "I should have opened my box outside!" Oftentimes, they're saying this as dirt from the plants spills all over their kitchen counters. A small amount of spillage from the plants during transit is normal, but a little dirt can make a big mess indoors! The Plant Package team was listening, and we're thrilled to announce a new feature in each box - a recyclable mess-free tray.

The Plant Package mess-free tray can be assembled in four quick steps.

When you open your box, you'll still find the instructions and fertilizer packets in its normal spots. But now, you'll also find a four-step process to turn the top layer of the box into the mess-free tray. With a few quick folds, you'll be well on your way to containing all your soil.

We recommend assembling the tray first, and then unloading your plants and the rest of your ingredients inside the tray. This will ensure that any dirt spilled during transit can be contained, before it wrecks havoc in your house.

Once you're done assembling, simply dump any mess into your compost or trash and recycle the tray!

The Plant Package mess-free tray is fully recyclable.

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