Give Mom a Gardening Subscription this Mother's Day

If you are looking for a fun, unique gift idea for mom this Mother’s Day, consider a plant subscription! At Plant Package, we take the guesswork out of gardening. Each one of our boxes contains four seasonal plants, a container, just the right amount of soil and nutrients, and instructions for assembly and care.

Is Plant Package right for your mom? See if she fits into a category below.

The mom new to gardening. The instructions in each Plant Package break down assembly into easy to follow steps. The mom in your life will feel confident mixing the soil, transferring the plants, and displaying her arrangement for months to come.

The mom short on free time. Each Plant Package takes under half an hour to assemble and comes with a mess-free bag, so there’s little clean-up involved!

The mom with young kids. Plant Package is a great activity to share with the kids. The assembly process is kid-friendly, and your children can learn how to care for plants.

The mom who loves surprises. Each Plant Package has a different theme! The March Plant Package was full of green plants for St. Patrick’s Day – two lemon coral plants and two four-leaf clovers. Planted together, they made a full, bushy arrangement that cascades nicely over the edges of the pot. Our April Plant Package was a floral affair – it featured Proven Winners® Sunsatia® flowers in three different colors – blood orange, lemon, and coconut, which we paired with a lace scalloped mint tin container.

The mom who loves plants. Plant Package often features plants you can’t quite get in garden centers yet! If the mom in your life is a plant expert, we’ll name drop – we often ship new-release Proven Winners® plants and our fruits and herbs are from Savor.

The mom who loves to decorate. A completed Plant Package is a focal point in any room and makes a great centerpiece for the family table.

The city mom. Since each Plant Package is designed to thrive indoors, these are perfect for people in apartments. We suggest a south-facing window for prime sunlight and cutting back on watering indoors.

The do-it-yourself mom. Need we say more? Plant Package is the perfect DIY project!

The May Plant Package will arrive the week after Mother’s Day. We offer three subscription options – you can choose to have your gift delivered once per month, once every-other-month, or once per season (every three months).

Plant Package offers a starter kit for first-time gardeners – this includes gloves, a heavy-duty trowel, and farmer’s hand soap. Plant Package can also include a surprise gift in each box – future ad-on items include a watering can, a gardening tote, and more.

Help the mom in your life garden with confidence all year long with a Plant Package subscription! Ready to get started?


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