Meet the Plant Package - Thanksgiving Harvest

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Thanksgiving Harvest features four herb plants, plus a window box planter for indoor gardening.

November is all about cozy sweaters, football, shopping, and of course - holiday dinners with friends and family! This month's Plant Package, Thanksgiving Harvest, was designed with your meals in mind - these herbs can be enjoyed in a variety of ways: fresh, cooked into recipes, or dried and sprinkled onto plates as a finishing touch! This Plant Package wants a full 4-6 hours of sun, so find a sunny window and watch your herbs thrive!


Each Plant Package comes with four plants, in addition to soil, fertilizer and instructions for assembly and care. Meet the November plants below.

The Plants

Wise Old Sage

The details: Sage is nutrient-dense but low-calorie herb (one teaspoon of ground sage contains 10% of your daily intake in Vitamin K) that is loaded with antioxidants. Fresh sage can be cooked with eggs in an omelet, or can be mixed into stuffing, while dried sage can be used as rub for meats or roasted vegetables.

Mediterranean Greek™ Oregano

The details: Hot, spicy aroma and flavor make this classic pizza herb the best oregano for cooking. This oregano plant adds zest to Italian, Greek, and Mexican cuisine and compliments all tomato dishes. Use fresh, dried or frozen.

Cookin’ Thyme™ Thyme

The details: Tiny, deep green leaves are highly scented when rubbed. Use to flavor fish, poultry, soups, vegetables, beans, lentils, tomatoes, and eggs. Thyme is known for boosting the immune system, so beat the colds by steeping it in tea this winter!

Pasta Perfect™ Parsley

The details: This pretty grass loves warmth, so find a sunny window inside for your container and let it bask in the warmth of your home. This grass can reach 30 inches tall, but can be trimmed at any time.

The Extras

The Thanksgiving Harvest Plant Package features a window box planter. Each Plant Package comes with a stack of coconut coir disks and a bag of perlite to make soil, plus packets of slow-release ClassiCote fertilizer. Instructions for assembly and care are included in every box!

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