Meet the Plant Package - Witches Brew

Witches Brew Plant Package, featuring a burgundy planter and four spooky fall plants.

We're thrilled to introduce the October 2019 Plant Package theme, Witches Brew! This month's box features four spooky fall-interest plants in mystical colors of purples, pinks, and deep browns and blacks. This Plant Package can easily transition from outdoors to indoors as the weather gets colder. Is it already cold where you live? Find a sunny window in your house and enjoy the colors for months to come!


Each Plant Package comes with four plants, in addition to soil, fertilizer and instructions for assembly and care. Meet the plants in the October box below.

The Plants

Proven Winners® Superbena Royale® Plum Wine

The details: Superbenas are known as both a "thriller" and a "spiller" in containers, as they're known for their ability to grow vertically as well as spill over the side. These plants continuously bloom until frost, and will stun inside in a window!

Proven Accents® Sweet Caroline Bewitched After Midnight™

The details: This is a great foliage plant that is very adaptable, working in both sun and shade conditions, although the colors are deeper and brighter in full sun (leaves will be tinged with green in shadier conditions). If it starts to take over your container, feel free to trim back stems!

Proven Winners® Supertunia® Latte™

The details: This beautiful Supertunia is a continuous bloomer, and will last outdoors until hard frost (but bring your container inside to enjoy it longer!). No deadheading is needed with this one.

Graceful Grasses® 'Fireworks' Variegated Red Fountain Grass

The details: This pretty grass loves warmth, so find a sunny window inside for your container and let it bask in the warmth of your home. This grass can reach 30 inches tall, but can be trimmed at any time.

The Extras

The Witches Brew Plant Package features a burgundy planter. Each Plant Package comes with a stack of coconut coir disks and a bag of perlite to make soil, plus packets of slow-release ClassiCote fertilizer. Instructions for assembly and care are included in every box!

Ready to get growing? Redeem 15% off the Witches Brew Plant Package!

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