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This is our soil. Natural coconut coir pith is a natural by-product of the coconut harvesting process. While the coconuts are harvested, the unused fibers previously protecting the coconut are discarded.  From this process, you get two by-products: coir fiber and coir pith.  The fibers are reclaimed and used to make pots, erosion control rope, or weed barrier for example.  The pith or dust is often used as a growing medium because of its water retention ability, making it more difficult for gardeners to over-water and cause disease.  Coir pith is also easier to dehydrate and compress making it easier to ship. 

Coco Coir Pith


Perlite is a naturally occurring siliceous rock from a particular form of sedimentary rocks.  It is commonly used in gardening soils to promote root growth and to help loosen soil.  Hydrated coir pith can be dense, so we provide supplemental perlite to help your plant roots thrive. 


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We use an OMRI-certified biodegradable pot to grow our starter 4” plants which makes it easier for you to plant.  This allows you to transplant the 4” pot directly into the larger container, though you can remove the pot as well if you choose. 

Grow Pots

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Each month we feature decorative containers to display your Plant Package proudly in or outside your home. Sometimes it will be a single large container and other times it could be three or four smaller containers. All decorative containers are made from plastic. 

Decorative containers 


You need food to survive, so do your plants!  Similarly to our plants, our fertilizers will vary depending on the package. Plant Package’s goal is to help you experience successful gardening and one of those methods is with different fertilizers.  We will always provide you with a base fertilizer (like a daily supplemental vitamin) and when the plants call for it, additional supplemental fertilizers from many sources.  Some fertilizers will be 100% organic while others will be a commercial blend - either way, everything will be 100% natural. 


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Each month we will feature an additional gardening accessory to enhance your gardening experience.  This changes each month but could feature items such as a trowel for transplanting, a mortar and pestle for grinding herbs, decorative tagging, or a watering can, just to name a few.  This option is not standard with all packages and must be selected during the checkout process. 

Gardening accessory 

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